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Kyle Hyde is the protagonist of the Kyle Hyde Saga. In the games, he appears as a bitter ex-detective who works as a salesman for the company, Red Crown. Kyle comes across numerous mysteries that turn out to have connections to incidents of his own interest in most cases. Solving them requires the otherwise not as sociable man to investigate the lives of various people.


Kyle Hyde was born to Chris and Jeanie Hyde in L.A. and lived there until the age of 9, when his father was killed. After that, his mother took him and they went to live in New York where he worked as a police officer until the age of 30. During his time in the N.Y.P.D, Hyde worked big cases, most notably the Nile case. In 1976, Hyde discovered that his long serving partner and close friend, Brian Bradley, had been selling information to Nile. This lead to him tracking him down to the NYC docks where he proceeded to shoot him, before Bradley disappeared into the water never to be seen again. After this incident, Hyde left the police force and went on to work with Red Crown. Kyle Hyde currently works for Ed, who owns Red Crown, a door-to-door sales company. But on the side his boss finds thing that don't want to be found and sometimes Kyle lends a hand.


Kyle is often very sarcastic and impatient when it comes to listening to people's problems. He doesn't really like kids very much. He also has a destructive behavior.


Kyle wears a "Red Crown" jacket, along with a white t-shirt and a black tie. Kyle has brown hair and a beard. Players can be easily fooled that he has blonde hair because in gameplay sections, Kyle has bright looking hair. They did fix the confusion in the sequel, Last Window: Secret of Cape West. He has brown hair in that installment.


  • He likes Jazz music.
  • He likes his coffee black, with two pieces of sugar.
  • He has a soft spot.
  • Unlike the other people in Hotel Dusk that Kyle had problems with, Mila is the one he likes the most out of all the them. It makes sense cause she's the silent type for the majority of the game and he doesn't like very talkative people like Martin Summers.


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