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Jeff Damon aka Jeff Angel is a young man who stayed at Hotel Dusk in 1979.

Personality Edit

Jeff is a cocky, arrogant young man at first, filling the generic stereotype of rich kids. However after the night in Hotel Dusk, he realizes the error of his ways.

History Edit

Jeff is the son of defence attorney Larry Damon, who specializes in organized crime, as a member of Nile. Jeff overhears his father speaking with members of Nile and realizes that his fathers money is dirty. Becoming disgusted at this, Jeff breaks into his father's safe and steals $20,000 and a gun, as to scare him. Jeff brings Mila to the hotel after picking her up on the side of the road. It quickly transpires that Jeff is hiding something as his distrusting nature and bad attitude towards Hyde causes tension between the two. His arrogance gets the better of him when Hyde decides to investigate the young man and finds out his past. Jeff tells Kyle that he would go back to his father, but his story is a mystery after that.

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Jeff Damon

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